Founded in 1995,we sailed through the most difficult years (1997-2001) financial crisis. The company is owned by ex-multinational company employees with depth knowledge of international medical device distribution as well as logistics for health-care products. We represent variety of medical devices from USA,EUROPE, JAPAN KOREA and etc. Currently, we expand our distribution to cover certain pharmaceutical and skin care products. In addition, we provide our logistics service to both multinational and local companies.








We aim to be the leading medical devices distributor and one of the
best OEM logistics provider in Thailand. We will accomplish our mission through competitive strategies that dedicate human resources to customizing our services that exceeds our business partner’s expectations
so that they can focus more on their core-business activities.




At J.S.Vision we believe that a win-win partnership is worth more than just a regular distributor / logistic provider and this belief leads to our unique way of working that is truly different from many of the traditional , who always look for a larger number of customers. We are willing to setup a completely-new team to serve only one partner if the opportunity is warranted.We create a sense of ownership among our employees, from management to operational levels; therefore, they dedicate themselves to optimize our services to our business partner.





Encourage employees to participate actively.
Advocate free exchange of ideas and information.
Create a sense of ownership.

Strive to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.
Adopt a "lean and mean" organization strategy.
Process a sense of urgency.

Cultivate cross-functional team to achieve collective goals.
Foster empowerment and decentralization.
Creative innovative environment.


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