J.S. Vision Limited is a unique third-party logistics provider that operates as a strategic business partner beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship. We design our operations to fit our partner business environment, rather than the other way around. As such, our service have been graded “Outstanding” by many major hospitals and optical shops throughout Thailand. We has maintained high standard of security systems with appropriate temperature facilities, supported by modern computer and barcode, GPS that result in a number of competitive advantages, including traceability. We have been entrusted by such international customers as Smith Medical, HOYA Medical, Medicontur, Kai Industries and more over the past decade. We have extensive expertise in handling medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products that require fast, clean, and accurate delivery.

Our customer service representatives interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products or services and to handle and resolve complaints. We communicate with customers through a variety of means—either in person; by telephone, e-mail or regular mail correspondence, or fax or even over the Internet.   Whether your business needs concern medical devices or healthcare products, we can offer our experience and expertise with full facilities in storage to distribute your products efficiently and professionally. We are willing to set up a completely new team to serve only one partner with customized services to meet our partner’s needs.  
J.S. Vision is a provider of delivery services of medical devices and health care products to hospitals, clinics, department stores and modern trade channels.

Our main Bangkok distribution center is located close to express ways and is supported by another six provincial depots throughout the country.

Distribution management: transport and delivery within 24 hours for Bangkok and 72 hours for provinces.
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